Sunday, June 24, 2012

trying something new out with found photos.  Analyzing the triggers of photographs...what draws you in?


  1. So great to get your note and positive comments on my new work. Especially great to get the link to your blog and see what you have been up to.

    I am really draw to the mystery lady in the second piece - is she disappearing or emerging? Is she hiding or following someone? I could look at this for hours and come up with a hundred different stories! Isn't that what good art does?

  2. Thanks michelle....this work really came out of nowhere. I'm still wrestling with where this could/should go. Your work has really hit the right note. I hope that your crits were positive.
    I'm still involved with my local historical society and also discovered another natural history museum that is in a library basement. One of my recent discoveries at the historical society has been a young girls dress (costume) made of canceled stamps from 1905. I've been given permission to take it home to my studio so next week and I can start gently working with it. I'll post images to the blog in the next few weeks.
    Can't wait to continue monitoring your work...are you into your thesis now or after the next residency?